You astonish me, Dear Reader, as you come looking for me,
For there are not many today who come my way.
I reckon, you want to hear my story.

Do tell me, oh Reader,
Can you hear my voice,
Or is it muffled under the hard concrete that covers my face?

I once lived in lush farms,
I filled the jewels they call ‘leaves’,
I once possessed the grass
In each one of its blades and sleeves.

I once dwelt on your Dear Earth,
And never has she been happier
Under anyone else’s captivity.

They call me the colour of jealousy,
And I don’t wonder why.
Of course, I am jealous of the brown that covers my Dear Earth in patches,
No doubt, I envy the grey that lives in its horizon, like the greys of ageing,
I am anxious of every colour that ever touched the face of My Earth after I left,
Because those colours weren’t me.

I didn’t realize we’ve come this far, I want to hear from you now!
Do tell me how the leaves and farms fare without me,
Do tell me how the grass lays without the tinge of my charm,
Do tell me of your Dear Earth, as it has been long since I saw her last
Do tell me, oh Reader, can you take me back to her someday?

I have a feeling that you can…
Until that someday, do tell my Dear Earth,

“Green says Farewell!”

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...

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