What? You clicked? Wasn’t the title enough? Hey, I was just trying to tell everybody that they like to walk on crumpled leaves.

Had I seen such a title, I would probably be like “Um, Okay!”, and scroll down. But you clicked, which means that you are expecting something more. Let me see what more I can possibly add to this very obvious statement.

Aha! So, everybody loves walking. Especially sleepwalkers. They just can’t resist. Are you a sleepwalker? No? Thank goodness, I thought I just lost a reader.

Moving on, everybody loves… leaves! And why not, they give us oxygen, and… well, they give us oxygen. Isn’t that a reason enough to love them? You are living to read this post today because of leaves. If you don’t love leaves, rethink your existence, you anti – life being.

So you combine your love for walking, and your love for leaves to get: “Everybody loves walking on crumpled leaves!”

Wait, there’s a mistake. Where didΒ crumpledΒ come from? That’s obvious too. Basically crumpled leaves have a soothing sensation due to the sound they produce as you step on them.

But why do they do that? Maybe you are breaking their bones as you walk over them. What? Leaves don’t have bones? I always knew science was odd.

Or maybe, they just have a really raspy voice, and are cursing under their breath as you crush them under your feet. Maybe they are just going “Damn You!” “Damn You!” “Damn You!”, all leaves at once.

Think twice before walking on crumpled leaves, you anti – life being.

There, there, I understand your psychology now. You don’t care about leaves. But you do care about yourself, right! What if there is a pit dug in the ground as a trap, and hidden by lots of crumpled leaves? If you come across a big heap of crumpled leaves…No, don’t jump on the hea…come back, you! Now dust those dry leaves off your sweater. Okay, I’ll let it go this time. The next time, just shove them aside. Just bend your fingers a little, and swim your hands through. Create a clear passage.

Or better, carry a rake around! I read an interview where the actress revealed the three things she doesn’t leave her home without: Her sunglasses, her lip balm, and a rake: you never know when you might need one.

Yeah, there you are ready to go. Now you can step inside that massive pit in the ground without any obstacle. Learning something new everyday!


A Sagittarian in love with words...


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