The word gives me the jitters. Instantly, my mind goes like :

“Hey, do you want to know how it feels to be surrounded by a hundred lizards?


“Okay, lemme show you anyway.”

And there you are – a hundred lizards crawling all over your existence as you panic.

Everyone fears lizards. I find those people really weird who can look the lizards in the eye, fist raised, and say “I don’t fear you.”

I feel that fearing lizards is completely normal. There is a bit of it in everyone. That being said, those of you who don’t relate must visit their nearest psychologist who will most efficiently implant a phobia of lizards in you.

Lizards climb walls and do nothing. How terrifying is that!

The idea is that I can’t stand being in a room already chosen by a lizard. Just because two living beings have the same choice doesn’t possibly make them friends.

Well, in some cases it can. I, for instance, love yellow couches. If I ever come across a random person who said “I love yellow couches!” out loud at the table opposite to mine at a restaurant, chances are that we might be hanging out together at the end of the day. How else do you think I have formed my present friend circle?

But things are different with reptiles.

Entering a lizard – inhabited room can cause a tumult of emotions in the mind. The struggle is real.

The irrational part of my mind would say “Ignore it”.
But the rational one would say “You could possibly die. A human and a lizard can never share a room. Think about it.”

And I think about it. It’s the kind of situation they describe in proverbs:
“There can only be one hero in the movie.”
“There can’t be two tigers on the same hill”
“Pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger”

And owing to the strong personality that I have, I walk out.

You see, it is not always about having your way. One must let others have their way too, sometimes. And in case of lizards, always.


A Sagittarian in love with words...


  1. Well I doubt you don’t actually consider eating lizards for health as in that long dated proverb of yours! And to be supportive as a friend, even I go wiggling like a fidget spinner twitching at the other most corner.. Still at times I am brave enough to mark my territory and ask that reptile to leave! Oh yeah I’m just brave, who will actually do that thing? No I won’t.. Until it’s 1 am and you seriously need to sleep without the tumults of that reptile falling into your mouth while you sleep. Bullseye!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well sometimes I do.. But that public restroom I visited the other day won’t allow me to take the seat home. Those buffoons talked about some kind of ‘Property Laws’. The aliens still need to learn a lot to do business with us you know!


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