For those who do not know, bookmarks are those cute little rectangular things tha.. No, they are not used for making notes. What has Kindle done to you?

So bookmarks are those rectangular cards which some avid book readers use.
At a time not very long ago, they were used to mark the page so that the reader didn’t have to use up his current life and the next looking for the page where he left it.

The exercise sounds really simple, but it is not so.

Because we, the book reading population, have a hard time surviving out here. Whenever we venture to read a book in public, people make condescending remarks and horrified facial expressions, as if they just saw a person reading a book in public! (It is so superlative, I couldn’t think of any comparison)

Some kindle enthusiasts and other conveniently dumb people try to annoy us by pretending to pull the bookmark out of our novel-an emotionally scarring experience.

I once had a friend who was trying the same ol’ trick on me. While she was on the verge of pulling the bookmark out, I was trying hard to maintain the “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” expression. But I was shattered on the inside, as I couldn’t remember the page number I had left it on. (I am pretty bad at math) Even Rhett Butler failed to comfort me.

So I was hoping that my false nonchalance would eventually bore her, but she was a Science student. Even worms interested her.

She pulled the bookmark out, finally, and once she was gone, I frantically started to look for the page, hoping against hope.

I went through the whole book that night, but couldn’t find the spot where I left. I emptied my entire bookshelf and scanned all the books, but the page eluded me. I gave up.

I still do not know how Amy reacted when she found out the empty milk cartons in her shoes.

The adventure had a huge impact on me. But I didn’t let my friend off easy. Such a friend had no place in my life. The harsh step had to be taken.

I unfriended her on Facebook.

I think that this has touched her to the nerves. She seems to have gone in denial.  Her unconscious has totally dismissed the fact that we are friends no more, which is why she consciously behaves as if nothing ever happened. (I am a psychology student). Why, just yesterday she asked if she could borrow my wall clock! Well, another story, another day…


A Sagittarian in love with words...


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