We all have, out of sheer curiosity and the need for self assurance, searched “Do I have what it takes to be called intelligent?” Okay, maybe you are word smart and have typed in “Traits of intelligent people”, but the results are the same. Google gets me. You get the point of this post, right? Here are some traits of highly intelligent people. See if you have any:

1. They don’t get many likes on Facebook

If your Facebook posts don’t get more than three likes, two out of which are your parents’, you are definitely intelligent. This means that Facebook lacks an intelligent
audience. Try Orkut instead! It lacks audience which will make you feel better about yourself.

2. They learn from others’ mistakes

You have a friend who went to buy drugs but backed out at the last moment. Be wise and learn from his mistake. An intelligent person would never back out.

3. They evaluate their options

You have an exam tomorrow for which you have barely studied. What will you do? Be intelligent and evaluate your options. Will you watch the new music video that has just
been uploaded or play Chess on your Play-station?

4. They procrastinate

If you thought that intelligent people are all timely, punctual, clockwork monsters, you are wrong.  If you want to be intelligent, procrastinate.

For instance, in case of an accident, calling for the ambulance almost immediately just shows how dumb one is.

The next time your friend gets hit by a car, procrastinate all that ambulance hassle. You can do that later, anyway.
Just pass time doing odd things, ask your friend to do her laundry and stuff, tell her how much she matters to you, click some photos together, get them framed.

5. They are night owls

Good news! Sitting alone under your dining table in pitch darkness at 2:00 a.m. isn’t creepy anymore! Not only is it normal, it’s a sign of high intelligence.

There you have it, a rough measure of your intelligence.

But don’t feel bad if you do not have any of the above in you. Just remember that inner intelligence doesn’t define you. People admire you not for what is on the inside, but  for what you have on the outside – like good looks. There, aren’t you feeling good already!


A Sagittarian in love with words...


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