Humans are inquisitive beings, and have always wanted answers to unnervingly unnecessary questions like “What does it mean to be?”, “What is Death?” and “How can I possibly resist watching videos now so that I may have time to watch some more later?” The last question is extremely appealing and penetrating. The simple answer is time management. Here are some tips that might help:

Browse the internet

The internet is full of time management tactics. But not all of them are actually helpful. You must learn how to dodge the impostors.

How to spot the site that genuinely wants to help you manage your time?

It will say it like it means it.

The catch lies in the title.
Useful websites usually claim that they are useful. Click on links like “Time management tactics that actually work”, because there is no use practising those which don’t. Take your time, spend an hour or so and finally reward your click to the most deserving of websites, and manage away!

Make a timetable  

Making a timetable is tough, but not impossible. You would need a paper, a pen and half a day. Feel free to unleash your creativity and buy some glitter pens for drawing tables and underlining ‘T.V. time’. Try to include everything you do throughout the course of the day. Specify breakfast, study, internet timings. Include bodily functions like yawning too, otherwise you won’t get anytime for those.

Take a time management course

Most students feel the need to manage time during summer vacations. Enroll in a time management course online.
Two out of one months of holidays devoted in the course can lead to a life free of hassles. Maybe your holiday homework still lies unfinished and you are left with three hours
before your school starts…But the courses are totally worth it!

Small time makes big time

If you are a Mathematics major, you probably know that adding up things makes up a big one. I am not a maths major myself, but a friend of mine who is one told me this.
Use up seconds to accomplish smaller tasks. If you have 3 seconds of free time, use it wisely by say, putting your phone for charging. (If this takes you longer than 3 seconds then you are probably abnormal) You will be surprised by how much time you will have left to achieve bigger things later!

Drink lots of water

Because apparently, that’s the solution to everything.


Elimination is the key.
Eliminate all those activities from your life which are not worthwhile.
If you feel that time management is taking up unnecessary time, skip it.

Skip ads on YouTube

Skipping at the exact 5 second threshold in a ten second ad can make you more competitive, focused and efficient in life.

Abstain from Facebook

Research has shown (well not really, it’s  just common sense) that Facebook is a major time – wasting mechanism.
Abstain from Facebook and see the change. (Employees at Facebook to use this tip at their own discretion)

Use your saved time wisely

Now that you have timely mastered the art of time management, you can use the saved time to do something valuable. You can teach your cat to be amiable,  or watch some YouTube videos because no amount of them is ‘too much’, or learn to dip Nachos in sauce using your mindpower (there is a course for that), and I will see you here, again. Soon.


A Sagittarian in love with words...

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