They say that you must never blindly follow anyone. I must say that ‘they’ are really knowledgeable people and are quite underrated. I wish I knew their names to give them credit for all the wise things ‘they’ say.
I even got a chance to meet ‘they’ at a grocery store in the market near my house, but ‘they’ prefer to remain anonymous. They just like to be called ‘they’.

Coming back, I now know why ‘they’ have advised you to refrain from blindly following people. Because it is definitely not worth the risk.

I am a person who doesn’t quite believe in stuff easily. I need proof. I need experience.
‘Blindly following people’ sounded like an interesting activity. I wanted to know what the fuss was about.

Now, I don’t know what being blind feels like, I just assume that you can’t quite see things. So I tried being blind for a day, and followed my friend through the market. It was pretty hard convincing her for this, though. She offered me some fancy explanation about the expression being not to have blind faith in anyone. I was not convinced.

The conversation went on something like this:

Me: Would you let me blindly follow you?
She: Why?
Me: Have you heard that expression “Don’t blindly follow people”? I just want to know how that really works.
She: Now you know why dozing off in the English class is a bad idea. You’ve got it wrong, apparently. It is a metaphor which actually means that you must not have blind faith in anyone, or trust someone too qui..
Me: I’m not convinced.
She: Well, okay then.

So I blindfolded myself and tried to follow her while she bought groceries. As I said, it was pretty hard.

The time being rush hour, I bumped into many people on the way, and had to take my blindfold off to see whom I had bumped into.

You see, bumping into somebody you know and not engaging in some meaningless small talk comes off as rude.
Even if you were blindfolded. Societal customs are pretty rigid and unforgiving.

And just as I was getting used to bumping into people, I started to get my head banged onto shop glass doors – particularly on the shutter of an electronics shop. I was pretty much looking like a retard who desperately needed a T.V. and couldn’t quite get over the fact that the shop is closed on Tuesdays.

My friend finally announced that she was hungry and bought food. We went to a nearby park and she kept our meal on the grass for some picnic feels.
But as I couldn’t quite see, I stepped on our newly purchased noodles.

I learnt it the hard way. Not only should one refrain from blindly following people, blindly walking near food, and blindly roaming in markets should also be avoided.

So people, never blindly follow anyone. And listen to ‘they’. ‘They’ are always right.



A Sagittarian in love with words...


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