The world book fair was much awaited, maybe because, strangely, I had never visited it before. I was all set to embark upon the book marathon with a list of the much coveted books.

Before anything else, I met fellow blogger, Mr.Salil Sanyal, whose book, ‘Memories Unlimited’ has been published and was available at the fair. Referring to him as “fellow blogger” would be a sheer understatement. Meeting someone in person, with whom you have interacted only through written expression is something surreal…

Halls and stalls and shelves filled with books! Gardens, where you could sit and review your purchase, and even buses which would take you from one stall to the other – I swear I could spend my whole life here!

The very first stall I visited had a ‘classics‘ section, and the feeling of seeing all those books that I had wanted, right there in front of my eyes, was euphoric. I would’ve almost cried out had the place not been packed with other book lovers. I never knew I loved books so much until that moment…

And so walking through the endless rows like a wanderer, I collected about a dozen books which I hope would be enough stock for now.

Though most of the books I bought would be easily available in the library, it is a different pleasure in owning them: writing the date and my name neatly on the first page with a black ink, seeing them everyday in the bookshelf, reading them one by one, going over the summary on the paperback once again, and caressing the smooth covers once in a while…

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7 thoughts on “BOOK MARATHON

  1. Meeting fellow bloggers in real life IS surreal, but so, so fun. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with a few. Because we are all introverts, we start off awkward, but once the ice is broken, we have so much fun together.

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