We steal a glance at the teacher while my friend tells me something about another common friend. I sit straight, looking purposefully ahead, but I am taking in every word that she says sitting beside me. A sign of trouble and I nudge her, and better sense prevails upon her so she keeps quiet for another minute. I am the less daring one. She doesn’t care much.

The bell rings and we start talking in our normal voice and pitch and loudness. A few more friends join us and we crack a joke or two before leaving for the next class.

Again, I focus my full attention towards what the teacher saying. One funny noise at the back of the room, and the next moment I am trying to control my laughter. I look to the side and she is doing the same. I feel a burning sensation to say something about it, crack a joke so that we can laugh at it later. She is thinking the same. Daringly I lower my head and whisper a quick joke, and we both are half dead trying to supress another round of guffawing.

The day is finally over. We part ways. And once I get home, I find the telephone ringing. Conversations never seem to end, the urge to speak and laugh never sated.

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...


  1. That is so true Pakhi! It’s rightly said that school days might end but there memoirs just don’t, like the words of yer posts awakening a new and commonly-unnoticed simple things, that are just so amazing and soothing to reminisce as if it was just yesterday! 🙂 keep writing!!

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