As I come back home tired, I scatter all my bag and baggage away on the table, my shoes somewhere under the bed, and head straight to the kitchen to forage for food. The messed up kitchen clearly suggests, well, someone was definitely hanging around here…

 Waking up after a good afternoon nap I leave the sheets and quilts as they are, as though the disorder seems to satisfy me. All my books, pens, pencils get lost in a tangle of their own. And yet again as I wake up in the morning to get ready, I leave heaps of clothes here and there.Instead of getting rid of all the mess, I utilize the extra morning – time to stare lazily into space or to doze off for another precious five minutes.

And when I return home again, those bags will still be on the table and my shoes still under the bed. The chaos never bothered me. It seems as if it is in my very blood…

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...

12 thoughts on “CHAOS IS IN MY BLOOD

  1. This is so relatable and beautifully written! I always tell myself that I’ll tidy my room but it never happens – I try to tell myself that it’s organised mess (it’s not!). I share your love for writing and I’d greatly appreciate it if you checked out by blog… I’m a real beginner and would appreciate any feedback/tips that you have to offer. Thank you!

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