Standing on the Sidewalk of life,
Stepping back from the action terrific.
Just observing others move in frantic motions,
While I take a break from the traffic.

It is not always necessary to keep moving,
As moving and moving on are different things.
Sometimes, step aside, away from the chaos,
And wait and watch what serenity brings.

Though I can hear the sounds,
Of life calling me back to the road,
I seem to know better,
And turn to go only after healing the corrode.

I can’t take risks, standing on the road,
Amidst whizzes and horns.
Why not step aside and take a sidewalk view,
When weariness seems to form!

  • Pakhi



A Sagittarian in love with words...

5 thoughts on “SIDEWALK VIEW

  1. Why not step aside andtake a sidewalk view,
    When weariness seems to form!
    Amazing poetry!! We find many enjoy the show with few people on the road, whilst most of them want to join the actors as well. But there are very few people who just love the scenery and are not willing to paint, they take their life light heartedely which is rare to see. Loved yer words again!!! 🙂

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  2. Really very thoughtful ideas . Instead of becoming part of the crowd if you take a sidewalk and observe the crowd objectively your perception towards your ownself and the crowd greatly improves.

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