Yet again, setting pen to paper,
No winds blow as the mind is a silent sea,
As if there are no limits as to how motionless it can be.

Slowly the quietude seems revolting,
Latent sentiments start to rise,
And vivid thoughts come clear in front of the eyes.

And now the mind is Fierce,
Fierce being an understatement.
As words and ideas are constantly moulded, bent.

And as words combine in rapid motions,
And thoughts condense, which were once uncertain vapours,
It naturally results in a sheer storm on paper…

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...

6 thoughts on “STORM ON PAPER

  1. Somewhere, I found Pakhi is intrigued by simplicity, nothingness and the beauty of simplicity. i’m on the same wavelength. Pl. do read my recent publication `Memories Unlimited’ by S.K.Sanyal (that’s me) published by Notion’s Press, available online on Amazon or e-book on Kobe.


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