The cheerful, daytime sky,
seems to be content with just one eye – the sun.

But the night shows yet another scene –
a set of twinkling, shimmering Eyes
spread in thousands or millions,
or are rather innumerable.

Like the blue sky of day,
one does not need numerous visions
In jovial times.

But in dismal times,
thousands of eyes of new inspiration, insight
seem to fill the void
like countless stars on a dark night.

It just takes time for the stars to twinkle,
for, they do appear…

  • Pakhi


Likes Coca Cola

6 thoughts on “LIKE EYES OF THE SKY

  1. Very true . Broad and bright day light denotes all the positivities i.e. youth , vigour , energy and strength.When we are full of these positivities we need no outside suppourt , but when we have lost all these positivities, countless suppourts provide no solace at all.

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