I look at a snapshot from the past,
A decade older maybe.
And I glance at the faces
Of the kinsfolk around me.

I see how thin the faces were,
And the features so soft, so light,
As though still blooming with time.
And now they seem to have changed overnight!

It’s hard to believe,
How I just failed to notice,
The faces change a bit, day by day,
A thing so hard to miss.

Their eyes got puffier,
The face a bit more complete,
And the nose a trifle bigger,
And shapier feet.

Now, I see, it is hard to observe,
The small changes between now and the past,
As they happen so slowly and are strangely concealed,
As time passes Slowly, yet so fast…

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...

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