Nothing in this world is completely frail. Not even those fragile twigs which make up a strong bird’s nest! They are frail but strong…

One of the twigs so lifeless and still, 

Amidst the grass, empty patches I fill .

Fragile and brown, I lie on the ground,

I hide from the world not wanting to be found.

Whiling my time under the blazing sun,

I get scorched and burnt – is there no place to run?

Day after day I just sit in this mess,

Day after day feeling low, worthless.

One fine morning I look up high,

Only to witness a chaos in the sky.

A flock of birds flying low and high,

Resting on the ground now and then, stopping by.

All of a sudden I am grabbed in a beak,

Am I about to see something unique?

The bird perches me on a tree up high,

This sudden adventure makes me feel wry.

The pieces of the puzzle now fall into place,

As more twigs like me fill the space.

And now I realize what I do the best,

I make a strong part of a cozy nest!

Now the bird lives in this little abode,

As I, a frail twig, share it’s load.

Now my thoughts of worthlessness feel so wrong,

Because I may be Frail, but still, I am strong!

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...

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