I have a car. I call my car ‘life’. Or, I call my life, a ‘car’. Or..well, you get the idea right?

So, I drive my car quite carefully because it’s just recently that I’ve started getting it under control driving it on a road of endless possibilities. This road just doesn’t seem to have an end! It just goes on and on and on…

Yes, it does have some potholes of problems, and I drive over them. I try to avoid them. But sometimes they are just unavoidable. So, I face them, irrespective of the bumps on the way through.

And then, there are those speed-breakers compelling me to slow down. So, I slow down. I don’t like to take risks.

Like me, everyone has a car. But I never try my hands on someone else’s as there are different controls in each one.

And, neither do I let anyone take my steering, because only I know how to control it. And I have to face the consequences in case something goes wrong.

It has been a smooth Drive for me till now. But hey, I am just 15! I have many more roads to see and many more bumps to endure and many more destinations to conquer and…well, you get the idea!

  • Pakhi


A Sagittarian in love with words...


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