Dark clouds hover
In the ominously silent skies,
Like the silence before a storm.

Silence – a reminder of impending doom, disaster,
But all is silent and peaceful,
As though accepting the menacing fate.

And finally the clouds break, giving in.
And heavy drops fall to the ground,
Nonchalant, indifferent, on the way down.

Winds gush and hum so loud,
Competing with the sound of thunder,
As lightning joins the booming serenade.

And I watch the scene – 
The orchestra of heavens
With a pensive delight.

I look up, eyes meeting the sky
To show that I am not afraid.
Or, at least I Pretend.

For, the truth is,
That deep down I submit, I bow to the grandeur,
As nature is always a step ahead.

  • Pakhi


Likes Coca Cola


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