I love being a host. Though, being a teenager I have not much role to play, still I like the atmosphere where there are more people than usual in the house. But guests don’t visit often.

And the ones who do, have a variety of attributes and habits:

The Always Uneasy

They are overly sweet and nice – the ones who would never be able to come out of the formality zone. The ones who don’t intend to trouble you at any cost, and it is very difficult to convince them that it is your pleasure to serve them.

  • They would ask you for permission before taking water.
  • They would ask you for permission for using the washroom.
  • They would ask you for permission for switching on the television.
  • They would refuse at least thrice before finally tasting the snacks served exclusively for them.
  • You would eventually find them doing the dishes after the meal.
  • Did I mention that they ask for permission for doing anything and everything?

These kind of guests can never be comfortable no matter how much you try. Their conscience just won’t allow them to!

The Moderates

This is the category who are fun to talk to. They are not extremely formal. They open up and feel at ease. It is easy to have a pleasant conversation with them.

The Annoying Ones

These are probably the least preferred. Extreme opposites of ‘The Always Uneasy’, they are extremely informal and aloof of their host’s comfort. Their visit completely alters the routine and turns everything topsy-turvy.

  • They would open your refrigerator and pour a bit of juice or cola for themselves.
  • They would pick up a fruit from your fruit baskets and have it all by themselves.
  • They compel you to hide all the brand new food items you bought at the back of the cupboard.
  • They would take the last piece of dessert for themselves without a speck of guilt.
  • They would empty the shampoo bottle to the last drop.

The worst part: they won’t even care to offer you your own things out of a sense courtesy. Well, this is one extreme! *Sigh*

I think I am the moderate…at least I think so!

  • Pakhi


Likes Coca Cola

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