I glance at the mirror now and then,

which hangs on the opposite wall.

And no, I never inquire,

“Who is the most beautiful of us all?”

I don’t just glance at the mirror,

I look beyond the surface.

Trying to find a world forbidden,

but all I see is my curious face.

Concealing what it really is,

to me the mirror is a mystery.

Deep secrets lie within,

withholding the present, future and history.

Or maybe it lies to me about who I really am,

And laughs in my face as I believe.

A gigantic hoax it is,

and all is False that I perceive!

What is that reflection,

Is it really true what I see?

Or just a false fragment of my mind

that I expect it to be….

  • Pakhi



Likes Coca Cola

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