It wears a shroud of Darkness ,

Blurring everything in sight,

Ascending the throne of silence arrives the night.


With all the grim darkness,

My fear reaches a new height.

Why did it have to be black – the color of the night?


Frivolous stories of day seem to come true,

Leaving me with an unnamed fright,

As I comfort myself in the scary night.


My mind races fast, my heart beats faster,

And I yearn to see the daylight,

As I struggle through the unbelievably long night.


It seems so strange how,

Even a small flickering light

Feels like a ray of hope in the dark night.


As it lulls everyone into sleep,

A sudden sleeplessness increases my plight

And I feel easily uneasy in the night.


I know it is true, no doubt,

That after the darkest darkness comes a day bright

But isn’t it so difficult to witness another sombre night?


And now is no different,

As my thoughts turn into these pensive words

In yet another sleepless night.

  • Pakhi



A Sagittarian in love with words...

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